The territory of Taormina, and the municipalities in its surroundings, offering stunning beaches different from each other for conformation. From the sand to the stones, from stones to the rocks in a few hundred meters. The waters and them seabed offer a wealth of flora and fauna as well as historical scenarios, characterized by archaeological finds still arranged on the seabed. In addition to its territory,Taormina has in the surroundings, from Sant'Alessio until Riposto, a range of beaches unique. In Summer are the leading tourist attraction. They are filled with kiosks and other services (as parachute motoscavo, jet skis ...) and are dedicated to fun activities typical of the summer months offering, with its waters, a cool to warm weather of summer. They are available day and night to spend unforgettable evenings in the moonlight. In Winter is a fantastic route for walkers, sports and trekking. During slightly rainy days or moderately rough sea, they offer a unique and give the possibility, given our climate, to walk along the shoreline or stay a few hours in the shelter of umbrellas appropriate admiring the enchanting scenery of the waves crashing on the beach. It can organize events dedicated to reading, gastronomy, excursions with quad or motorcycle off the road, the rides along the shoreline and anything else your imagination can suggest.

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Taormina is situated on a rock that overlooks the sea and has in its territory towns and villages that are located on the sea. Mazzeo, mazzaro, spisone and Isola Bella. The most populous and inhabited village on the sea is Mazzeo, it where you can find long and wide beaches with a deep blue sea. Continuing for the other villages we will find small beaches but fascinating for their seabed that are rich in fish and seaweed. Isola Bella, how the same words tell, is an small island embraced by the cliffs that protect it from storm surges. Here there is no sand but pebbles, the seabed are rocky where thrive fish and seaweed. Isola Bella is good for snorkeling. All beaches offer the opportunity to choose whether to stay in a private beach or on the free beach.


Letojanni is a beautiful village overlooking entirely on its beaches. As the near Mazzeo village, it was a fishermen's village and for this reason the local inhabitants have fraternal relationship with the sea. The beaches are of fine sand and pebbles, are visited by thousands of tourists every year. The beach is full of bathing establishments that offer catering services and bar. Among the bathing establishments, there are the free beaches where, equipped with umbrellas, you can relax and enjoy the coolness of the sea. The town is located just behind the beach and in it you can find bars, restaurants and supermarkets. The sea is generally calm but do not underestimate its because it is influenced by the currents of the Strait of Messina, which can be very strong.

Giardini Naxos

Giardini Naxos is located one kilometer from the B & B and offers different types of beaches. From fine sand to the cliff of lava rocks dating back to ancient eruptions and fissures in the earth's crust. The bay of Naxos is where are the port and part of the city including its promenade full of restaurants and shops. The Recanati area offers a different kind of beach with outcroppings of lava rocks and small pebbles. All the beaches are equipped and offer various opportunities for recreation and relaxation. boat rental, boat trips, water sports and shore with bars and restaurants.

San Marco

The City of Calatabiano has a purely agricultural area and its area extends down to the sea where, behind a forest of Eucalyptus, is its beach known as San Marco. It is made up of sand and pebbles excellent for sunbathing is relax. Very wide, the beach stretches from the mouth of the river Alcantara to the border with the neighboring beach of Marina di Cottone, which represents its continuity to the Riposto harbor. Ample paid parking in the shade of the trees, beaches with all the amenities available, public shower, bar and above all peace of mind.


How to reach the beaches

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